GHAR ( Great Home In Astronomical Region)

 As quoted in Interstellar, “Mankind was born on Earth, but it was never meant to die here.” We are an ambitious species who always want to expand our territory. On a serious note, due to the climate change and exploitation of resources, it seems only logical to think about colonizing other planets or settling in space. Moreover, if Earth is going to be the only planet of humans, in case of any major catastrophe (like an enormous asteroid collision); it may likely wipe out the whole human race. So, we have been working on a CURRENTLY conceptual space settlement, named GHAR (Great Home in Astronomical Region).
Over the past few weeks, we have working on the structural, physical, economic and financial aspects of the settlement. Almost everything from Climate Control to Waste Management, Transportation to Power Distribution has been considered to establish a clear-cut overview and requirements of the settlement. The further details of which are presented in this report.
We, as the apex predators on Earth, may any time be pushed to extinction if we limit ourselves to Earth alone. Establishing such a settlement will not only avoid the risks, but can also reward us with many minerals in abundance. Achieving this will unlock new not known before opportunities for humans, as a space faring species. This will be the next “giant leap for mankind”


GHAR is a rotating settlement having a radius of and divided into 4 different regions, each having their own residential area, agricultural sector and industrial area.
Since acceleration due to gravity (g) of 9.8 is required, the rotating speed of the settlement and its radius can be determined.

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